Mobilise or Die! A Look at Mobile Search in Australia

I’ve long been telling clients that mobile search was a vital part of their marketing mix, but a recent study by Ipsos Media CT commissioned by Google showed just how important it is becoming. Titled ‘Our Mobile Planet’, the report was part of a global study into smartphone internet usage. And with the Herald-Sun reporting research by Telsyte predicting the number of smartphone users in Australia this year will reach 12.2 million, up from 8.8 million, it’s a timely investigation.

Graph showing Penetration of Smartphones

In Australia 1,000 smartphone owners aged 18 and over were polled. Overall 65% said they use their smartphone to access the internet at least once per day and that 86% of respondents use their smartphones to search for local business information. Drilling down the report showed that 48% of respondents search for local business information at least once a week; 18% are searching for you daily.How often people search the net from smartphones in Australia

And there is real value in these mobile searchers. When they have found what they want on their smartphones, 28% of them went on to use that service or make a purchase in-store. And not always in person – 26% said they made their purchase online. Very few took no action after searching.Graph of Purchasing after search on smartphone in Australia

The good news for stores and businesses that make themseleves available to mobile search doesn’t end with the sale either. After the transaction has been made, 13% said that they would recommended the business to someone else. That’s great, because positive word-of-mouth is about as good as it gets in the world of advertising.

Two other facts shone out of the report – the number of people who don’t leave home without their smartphone (up to 75%), and the importance placed on having a site set up for mobile search.Graph showing satisfaction with websites in mobile search

To be found, and to have success when found, you must have your website set up right. It must be optimised for mobile use, and be as easy to navigate as a full-service site would be. Failure to do this leads directly to loss of opportunities and sales.

You can find out more (and build your own cool graphs) at Our Mobile Planet.

Do you know how well your website works on mobile platforms?

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