“Does it Come in Rat?”

Have you ever been told that marketing is a waste of time and money, something that spin doctors and big firms dabble with in order to garnish a tax deduction or appease the board perhaps. Maybe they think that the public won’t swallow it.

Well tell me then, why doesn’t cat food come in rat flavour?

The reason is obvious of course – your cat doesn’t do the shopping.

Neither does your dog, or they’d be looking on the shelves for Old Poop deodorant.

A label designed by Rebel Media for Old Poop

So cat food is served up in a variety of flavours, none of which are related to what our felines would feast on in the real world. Some Sliced Classic Grilled or Roast Chicken? Perhaps they crave a serve of Carved Beef?

Beef?? When was the last time you saw a pussycat pull down a passing bovine?

And fish…how about Tuna and Pumpkin? Seriously, there’s not too many cats in the wild dine on fish regularly, let alone tuck into tuna. Would a house cat even know what a fish was, other than entertainment in a tank perhaps.

And I’m pretty sure that while cats have been domesticated for thousands of years, they never took up farming on any scale. Even dogs only ever evolved to the point of digging up gardens.

But the owners know what fish is. They know it’s a delicacy in their world. And marketers know that cat people think their cats are people. So cat food companies spend their marketing dollars convincing owners that precious pet would love to eat their (very) fishy product.

The owners would probably eat it too if it was positioned right. They certainly lap up the advertising – Americans spent more on their pets in 2012 than they did on bottled water and coffee combined; a total of $52 billion! And yes, they probably bought them catacinos too.

So next time your client tells you they don’t have the budget, or that they don’t see the need to spend money on advertising their presence, tell them to stop and smell the cat’s dish, because marketing matters. After all, millions of moggies can’t be wrong.

Now, time to feed the dog…he just loves his Holistic Duck Formula!

Are you a price conscious pet owner, or do you buy only the best? What influences you as to what flavour to get for your ‘fur’ person?

About Jeff Polley

I'm interested in life and making the most of it. I have a fondness for good coffee and scintillating conversation. I don't act my age. For more you can follow me on Twitter - @xmpieman
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2 Responses to “Does it Come in Rat?”

  1. Joy Mary says:

    100% Correct. I only feed canned cat food to my pet if it smells like something I could eat! He seems to agree with me. Ha, ha!

  2. Kimberly says:

    WOW love this! I’m a veterinary technician that loves to educate my clients on the importance of proper nutrition for their pet’s and how to wade through all the marketing out there! You have put a great spin on it and really enjoyed reading your article.

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