ACCESS ALL AREAS – The Pass to Success

During the ’90s I lived a double life.

By day I worked in the printing industry; by night I was one of the city’s best live performance photographers, covering the sport and music scene from top to bottom. (Click on that link to see more of my work from back then.)

What I quickly learnt was the importance of access – the closer you could get to the action, the more likely you would score the money shot. You just had to find the right person – the one who could get you the pass to be onstage or in the pit, stalking the sidelines and behind the scenes; find them and you were on your way. Of course ‘Access All Areas’ laminates were the holy grail!

Backstage passes for concerts in the 1990's

A few of the passes from my glory days as a photographer.

Access gives you the ability to move freely to where you want to be, in order to give yourself the best shot. 

It’s the same in business – having access is the key to getting ahead, to being successful.

And it’s not just access to the decision maker – it’s a given you want that. First though you need access to the people that guard the people you want to speak to – the dreaded gatekeepers!

It used to be I had to get past the manager, or PR person. Now it’s someone who has an office in front of the office of the one I need to talk to! You need access to email addresses and phone numbers and social media to contact them.

What about access to the latest technology? Back in the day I shot everything on film (no digital cameras then!), so having the best possible lenses and developing gear was paramount.

Today it’s operating systems that need to be updated to stay ahead of hackers, and having the latest programs for CRM and accounting to manage the business.

Access to capital is vital too in order to expand. Access to ideas, and access to time to explore those ideas and implement new thinking into your business is critical to growth and opening new markets.

Finally, never forget it’s a two way street. Ask yourself, are you accessible to others who might be able to help and inspire you? The people on your team, be it in business or life, can all be willing contributors to your success – you just have to give them access.

Who’s opening doors for you?



About Jeff Polley

I'm interested in life and making the most of it. I have a fondness for good coffee and scintillating conversation. I don't act my age. For more you can follow me on Twitter - @xmpieman
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