The Land Don’t Lie!

There was a time (in what seems like a distant past) when I could do all the things I loved; one of them was bushwalking.

Knowing how to use a map and compass is pretty much an essential element of such a pastime, but occasionally we would arrive at a point, invariably a peak it seemed, and on casting our eyes over the landscape would realise that the map didn’t match the terrain.

Bushwalking Snowy Mountains

We should have been on that peak in the background!

How was this possible? The map had to be right. We had followed our compass bearing astutely. We had taken the right path. We had to be at the right place. It left only one logical conclusion – the land was wrong.

Here’s a life lesson for you: the land don’t lie.

The land is the immutable object, and no matter how you cut it, the land won’t change for you. Something else is the problem, but not the land. Like the customer, it’s always right.

A marketing campaign is a lot like bushwalking. You plan your journey, lay out the map, set the compass (and stock up on beverages!) and often you can’t actually see where you’re going. But off you go in search of fun and fortune, hoping to take everyone along with you.

Every now and then though, you reach a point where you realise that where you’ve arrived isn’t where you were headed. You’ve climbed the mountain only to find the view is not what you thought it would be. Your audience – that land you were seeking – is not there to greet you. And no matter how many times you stare at the map and check your compass, that land won’t change.

It’s tempting to blame the map, the compass or the route you took. But the simple fact is despite your best planning the future is still an unknown, and sometimes the outcomes are not what you want or expect. Sometimes you just have to look, and listen, to the land for your answers, even when they are not what you want to see or hear.

The good news is you can still benefit from this experience. If you’re smart and keep an open mind you may be able to turn this unexpected vista into a ground-breaking new opportunity. Maybe it’s not just a new view, but a new way of seeing things.

Whatever you do from that point, it’s up to you to make the most of it. Fail, and you will come back to earth with a thud. Because the ground is hard, and the land don’t lie.

Have you ever gotten off the beaten track, and found yourself all at sea? (Oh, the metaphors are running wild and free today…)

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